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Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency starts with site development and is considered through out the entire building process all the way down to the last appliance installed in your new home. 



tight building envelope and home insulation is key in saving energy. At Lawson Construction we use... insulation 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Building materials with a high thermal mass such as concrete, stone and brick can help retain heat during the cold season and keep the house cool in the summer by preventing temperature fluctuations improving overall home efficiency.

When sourcing new appliance, start by looking for the Energy Star ratingLook for energy efficient light bulbs, water saving shower heads, faucets and toilets etc.

Utilize natural energy sources such as the sun by creating a passive home design. Plant deciduous trees to block heat from the summer sun and allow light through in the winter. 

Research alternative power options that will work best with your building site, such as solar, wind-generated electric systems, hydro-electric generation etc. 

Learn more about green building by visiting our blog.