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Sustainable Lumber - Big Creek


Utilizing responsible materials begins with the first steps of framing a home. Sourcing local sustainable lumber, is a key factor that is often overlooked. In an article published by SFGate, Keith Gilless points out that buying local applies to forests just as it does for any other product or service. 

Gilless points out that in 2009, 75% of the wood used in California was imported. This means increased costs for shipping, burning additional fossil fuels, not having the ability to control environmental practices in terms of harvesting and other increased costs. Choosing sustainably harvested, local California grown lumber will help to lower our environmental impact and save money.

This is why at Lawson Construction, we are proud to source our lumber from Big Creek Lumber.

At the forefront of pioneering many progressive and protective forest management practices, Big Creek Lumber is our local source for sustainable lumber. Their primary objective is to manage their forestlands in a manner that ensures both environmental and economic sustainability. They have even been responsible for pioneering many new protective forest management practices. Many of which have been adopted into state regulations specific to timber harvest operations in Santa Cruz, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. 

Read more about  their sustainable practices and philosophies by clicking here.