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70th Home Tour

With over 200 hundreds homes built to date, it was exciting to take a trip back to visit the 70th Lawson home built in 1993. 

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Overflowing with personality, history and love, this home was an absolute pleasure to tour and photograph while getting to know the homeowners who have lived here for 18 years now. 

The home has a welcoming feel that flows from room to room. Tasteful decorations, amazing collections and antique furniture add to the warm and inviting ambiance.

One such amazing collection is pictured below. They began to collect these plates in 1962! Today there are over 100 of these delicate art pieces decorating the wall of their dinning area. 

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Every space reflects their life style and personal tastes. A spacious social area (pictured below) features a fire stove set on local Mariposa Flagstaff slate. It was great to see how happy they are with their Lawson home after 18 years. 

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In the garage the ceiling is lined with antique oil lamps. This amazing collection was started the same summer they camped on their property while Lawson Construction began construction on their future home. These oil lamps cover the entire garage ceiling and flow to the outdoors. Hanging from oak trees and manzanitas, they line trails all throughout the property. 

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After snapping numerous photos of their home and surrounding property, they insisted on taking me to see the "natural springs" on their property. Here I am pictured below with a pile of springs on top of a mountain. They gave me a lolly pop (sucker) and sent me on my way. 

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