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What is Green Building Anyway?


What do we mean when we say green building? 

Our friends at the NAHB, "National Association of Home Builders", say it best. "The process of green building incorporates environmental considerations into every phase of the home building process."

Others refer to green building as a whole-building design. The objective behind a whole-building design approach is to minimize inefficiencies, increase overall comfort, decrease environmental and economic costs while increasing property value. This approach encompass's the effect of local climate and structure, orientation of the new structure on the site, how the home owners will interact with it and the enhancement of the structure through the use of energy efficient materials and systems. 

At Lawson Construction when we say green building we mean improved energy efficiency of the final home, the use of energy efficient appliances, using sustainable materials and practices throughout the entire project reducing impact on environment and human health.

Here are a few things to consider before you dive into your green home project:

Energy efficiency and green building for your new home begins at the site. A building site should be strategically planned to minimize environmental impact by preserving as much of the natural vegetation as possible, while simultaneously maximizing natural surroundings to increase energy efficiency of the future building. 

Building Orientation - Set up your building site to maximize southern exposure in order to utilize passive solar techniques such as daylighting as well as maximum sun exposure for solar systems. 

Materials - Research your material options. There are many options available. Look for sustainable and local lumber sources, recycled materials for counter-tops etc. Source as much material as you can from local resources to cut down on fossil fuels used in shipping etc. 

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