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Design Trends of 2012


Taken in the great room of a recently completed Lawson built home, the photo above shows a beautiful open space looking out glass doors. Looking back at 2012 we have noticed a few new design trends in the homes we built, such as wide open spaces like in the photo above. Homes are also being built to minimize hallways with rooms coming off of the main social area. We have also seen more luxury bathrooms with spa tubs and more kitchen islands. 

We were excited to see that Builder Magazine had noted some of the same trends we saw and a few more. Check them out below. 

According to Builder Magazine here were the Top 10 Design Trends of 2012.

1)  Kitchen Islands

2)  Wide Open Spaces

3)  Corner Windows

4)  Built in Wall Shelving and Storage Centers

5)  Mid-Century Interior Designs

6)  Inside Out - Meaning homes that blur the divide between inside and out. Large sliding glass walls are a great example.

7)  Deluxe Outdoor Spaces 

8)  Fire Pits

9)   Luxury Spa Bathrooms

10)  Passive Green Building

Check out the full article at Builder Magazine.