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Flooring Fit for You

Is it time to make the final flooring decisions for your new home? There are many choices out there, hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, concrete, stone and many more. The right flooring choice can make all the difference in beautifying your new home, increasing comfort levels and should fit with your life style and habits. Making that final decision can seem overwhelming. So we thought we would share a great resource we found at Inside Out Designs to help you make your decision. 

Here are a few helpful guidelines they suggest to consider while making your decision. Check them out below:

First, consider Form and Function. How do you need the flooring to function for you? You will want to look for flooring material that not only compliments your style preferences, but fits your lifestyle too. Plush white carpet may be beautiful, but it won't stand a chance with young children or puppies running around. 

Think a Maximum of Three. When you are considering how many different types of flooring to have throughout your home, a good rule-of-thumb is; while standing in any given place in your home, it is best not to see more than 3 different flooring materials at once. Any more than 3 can often appear busy. 

Below is a an example that shows two different flooring styles from one of our clients homes. You can see the change in flooring from the front door entry into the common area.  


Go for the Flow. The floor is essentially a backdrop for your home. Ideally it is nice to have a seamless flow from room-to-room. Using the same flooring in the common areas creates nice flow. 

Breaking it Up Naturally. If you decide to switch it up, try the bedrooms and bathrooms. These are natural areas to break the flow from the common rooms. 

Read the full article in detail at Inside Out Designs.

We also recommend this resource as well: Flooring Basics by Home Advisor.

And just for fun, check out our Flooring Board on Pinterest. We have been collecting pins of many different styles of flooring to inspire you. 

We hope you found these quick guidelines helpful and enjoy all the photos on our Pinterest page!