Heather Lawson - Graphic Design

Heather pic

Heather Lawson has been a Lawson Team member throughout the years. She earned her place on the team pounding nails framing houses just out of high school. She left to attend college, do some traveling and pursue a career as a graphic designer. 

Today Heather returns with a wealth of experience in the design field. Responsible for Lawson Constructions clean and bold new look, Heather's stellar design skills have given Lawson Construction the top notch look that matches the high quality the company delivers with each construction project. 

Anything graphic related, Heather manages, from ad designs to design of this very website. 

While she is not creating masterful designs for Lawson Construction, you can find Heather traveling from one location to the next performing with her fire troop, Mana Fire and running her design studio, Lawson Studios.