Kim Lawson - Marketing

Kim3Kim has been a Lawson Team member through out the years. As a young girl she would accompany her father, Dave Lawson to on site meetings with clients. During her high school career she began assisting with office duties and later she worked a year in the field framing houses and assisting the heavy equipments operator. She left Lawson Construction to pursue a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Today she has returned with her degree and a wealth of experience in marketing from her time with a professional NASCAR Sprint Cup Team and Grand AM Racing Team as well as her time working in marketing for Bauman College, a holistic nutrition and culinary arts school. 

Kim manages public relations, online social media campaigns, advertising partnerships and is always seeking out new opportunities for the company. 

When she is not tracking down marketing opportunities for Lawson Construction, she can be found exploring the sierras with her dog Kona, tackling some white water or hitting some high speeds on a race track.