Mining & Mineral Museum

ca mining mineral museumLawson Construction built the California State Mining and Mineral Museum in 1989. The building design mimics that of a mining operation you would see during the gold rush. Exterior details such as board and batt siding and an old head frame used for pulling ore cars out of mine shafts add to the old time mining appearance. 

The museum showcases an impressive collection of California’s colorful history and geological diversity. With over 13,000 objects including mining artifacts, rare specimens of crystalline gold, gems and more, this unique exhibition appeals to the curiosity and fascination of mineral collectors from around the world.

We encourage you to stop in and enjoy the amazing collection. Within the exhibit you will find a mine shaft that has been recreated to mimic that of a real gold mine. Take a moment to look closely at the workers depicted in the shaft. They are modeled after the Lawson Construction crew who built the museum.